We are very proud to be a Community Learning Center that provides services to engage, educate and support our students, their families and our community. We have partners on site that provide counseling and enrichment. We also have countless other partners, including community volunteers and an active PTO, that focus on the whole student throughout their journey with us.

To learn more about how your company or organization can become a Community Learning Center partner or volunteer, please contact our Resource Coordinator at (513) 363-9800.

Our partners include:


There are a variety of community partners that work with our children. We are always looking for more companies and community organizations to join us in helping our students find success.


BeechAcres offers a variety of counseling services for students, parents, and families.


Who We Are

FamiliesFORWARD is a neighborhood-based resource center for schools, students and their families, and the community. Currently, our programs serve Bond Hill Academy, Carson School,  Hays-Porter School and Withrow High School. Our professional staff can help every child in the schools to build on their strengths and overcome their challenges. We also encourage, support and teach parents to be the best that they can be as they help their children become better students and ambassadors for their neighborhoods.

What We Offer

We at FamiliesFORWARD design our programs and services with one question in mind: How can children benefit? Our goal is to make kids better citizens by helping them connect with their schools, families and the community. Each child is unique with his or her own set of abilities. We help them explore their interests and develop a passion for education through tutoring and various academic, entertainment and sports activities.It is well-known that education is the avenue to a better life in adulthood. We make sure that our children get help with their reading, math and science skills. Through programs such as The Gifts We Share, students also learn the importance of giving to their neighbors, especially our senior citizens. And we also provide workshops that give parents the tools they need to help their children succeed.For more details about what we have to offer, click on the program names on the left. 

What Makes Us Different

Our enrichment programs increase grade-level promotion, graduation rates, college enrollment and community involvement. Because students are more engaged, schools experience fewer bad-behavior incidents, less absenteeism and lower dropout rates. Our Core Service Areas FamiliesFORWARD believes that a successful collaboration will lead to these outcomes:

Capable, confident, responsible children

FamiliesFORWARD is child-centered. The goal is to help children learn new skills in a safe, caring environment. FamiliesFORWARD works with those at home, in schools and in the community to ensure the consistency necessary for success. Children benefit from:

  • Ongoing guidance and support to develop appropriate behavior, including social skills. 
  • Leadership and conflict-resolution training.
  • School homework help.
  • Music- and arts-enrichment programs.
  • Referrals for testing, counseling and medical treatment.

Strong, nurturing and involved families

Parents and family members are active in encouraging children and reinforcing connections with schools and the community. Parents can focus more on children when other issues are resolved with the help of FamiliesFORWARD. Parents benefit from:

  • School-based Parent Resource Center.
  • Increased participation at school.
  • Home visits and parent workshops.
  • Nutrition counseling, parenting-skills training and literacy classes.
  • Referrals for jobs, education, child care, health care, budgeting, transportation and more.

Successful schools

A successful education system begins at home. With more actively engaged parents, children become better students, and schools become better centers for learning. Schools benefit from:

  • FamiliesFORWARD partnership as an independent provider and coordinator of all social services at school, including referrals to agencies.
  • Volunteers are recruited, trained and supervised by FamiliesFORWARD. Increased communication and interaction between parents and teachers.
  • Additional supplies, materials and support services for teachers. Motivated children with improved behavior.

Engaged, active and supportive communities

Community outreach brings more people into the schools. Parents and neighborhoods become more involved in community activities and become role models for children. Neighborhoods are strengthened. Communities benefit from:

  • Having a voice and role in neighborhood schools.
  • Finding new leaders among active parents.
  • Attracting a new generation of civic volunteers.
  • FamiliesFORWARD's coordination of school, community and other organizations to produce community events.
  • Educational and social service programs provided by FamiliesFORWARD.