How Can Parents Be Involved at Carson School? 

Parents working in the libraryTruly effective schools have parents/guardians as partners in all aspects of the educational organization. Parents/guardians are welcome members of the Carson team. Parents/guardians can be involved at school in the following ways: 

Volunteer to help in your child(ren)’s classroom

The most effective volunteers are those who set aside a specific time every week to assist in the classroom. Schedule this time with your child’s teacher. If you cannot come into school, ask your child’s teacher if there is anything that you can do to help with classroom activities or celebrations. We understand that not every parent/guardian is available during the school day. Our goal is to help every parent be as involved as his/her schedule permits. We need your help in many ways, not just as volunteers in classrooms. 

Interact with your child about school on a daily basis

All Carson students should read every school night. Reading with a parent/guardian is a major part of learning how to read for Grade K-3 students. Grade 4-6 students, even though they can read more independently, they still need parental support and encouragement to read regularly.  

Wednesday Night Folders

Parents/guardians should ask to see your child’s Wednesday night folders, homework folders, and go over homework assignments with their child (ren) each evening. Many times teachers will write notes in the Wednesday folders and/or homework folders for parent/guardians. Please respond to these notes by writing in the Wednesday Night folders and homework folder in the space provided for your response. You will receive update letters and /or newsletters from your child’s teacher. This update will keep you informed about what your child is learning in school and give suggestions about ways that you can help your child with school topics at home. 

Communicate with the school

Carson is your school, too. Please let us know what is and/or is not working for your child and your family. All communication for parents/guardians comes home weekly in our Wednesday Folders.  

  • Check your child’s folder every Wednesday night for important school information.
  • Sign and return all requested material in a timely manner.
  • Teacher conferences are held on a quarterly basis, but parents/guardians can contact teachers at any time by leaving a message on the teacher’s voice mail.

Classroom visitations can be scheduled with your child’s teacher. Whenever you can, attend school activities such as evening programs where students perform or a topic of interest to parents/guardians is discussed. 

Participate as a member of our Parent Group

Carson’s Parent Group will be run by a Beech Acres. The Parent Group consists of all parents of Carson School. Here are several ways that parents/guardians can be active members of the Parent Group:

  • Join the Parent Group by coming to the meetings every Tuesday, 11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
  • The Parent Room is located outside on the first floor and it is available for all parents/guardians to use all day. All are welcome to come there and hang out.
  • Monthly Parent Involvement activities/events are held every month to encourage our parents/guardians to come to the school for information and to see their children perform. Such activities included Fall Festival, Holiday celebration, Valentines Dance and make a sundae.

Parent-Teacher Conferences  

Mid-term/Quarterly conferences will be held after school hours so that we can accommodate parent work schedules. Parent conference dates and times will be published at the beginning of the school year. Teachers will contact parents to schedule conferences throughout the year. Parents/Guardians may schedule a conference with a teacher at any time during the school year.