CPS Preschool, Partnership for a Healthier America Offering Produce Boxes

September 3, 2021

Starting September 15, Partnership for a Healthier America in partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools will be distributing produce boxes for 12 weeks at 18 CPS preschools. These boxes will contain 20 pounds of a variety of high quality fresh produce, along with a recipe book including meal suggestions and preparation instructions.

Free Weekly Produce Boxes flier (all text in story)Produce boxes will be distributed weekly to preschool families during normal pickup times at the following locations:


  • Rising Stars at Aiken/College Hill
  • AWL
  • Carson School
  • Chase School
  • Hays-Porter School
  • Mt. Airy School
  • Oyler School
  • Pleasant Hill Academy
  • Rees E. Price Academy
  • Roberts Academy
  • Rothenberg Academy
  • Winton Hills Academy


  • Rising Stars at Carthage
  • Rising Stars at Gamble Montessori Elementary School 
  • John P. Parker School
  • LEAP
  • Rising Stars at Cheviot/Westwood
  • Rising Stars at Vine

Preregister and receive a bonus gift here.