Go Vibrant Challenge Helping CPS Students Get Active, Healthy

November 6, 2019

By Liz Bonis, WKRC

Hundreds of students got a different kind of BLINK experience recently. It was all about giving kids quite a "bounce" toward a healthy life.

This was all part of the Million Step Challenge that was launched by Go Vibrant a while ago to encourage all of us to log our steps each day. Hundreds of kids from Cincinnati Public Schools got to experience what this challenge was all about at Smale Riverfront Park in Go Vibrant's Bounce Globe.

"Our mission is to make an active and energetic lifestyle irresistible," said Laura Chrysler of Go Vibrant.

The students got quite an outdoor education that fitness can be anything but traditional and still get traditional results.

The bouncing balls — the main attraction — have been on sale through Go Vibrant for this event since last spring. But they were selling those balls for a very important purpose. Each one sold helps a student with Cincinnati Public Schools, and it's making a big difference in getting these kids recreation and exercise — all part of good health.

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